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Grinch Ward Christmas Party Program


I saw a cute ward Christmas party on pInterest while searching ideas. It was a “How the Grinch FOUND Christmas” party. Everybody dressed up as characters from Whoville with crazy hair, ugly sweaters, and lots of bright green and red! It looked like so much fun I just had to do it.

The only problem was that they didn’t include the program in detail. So it was up to Fancy Hubby and I to start from scratch and write a program ourselves. And of course it had to be written Seussically (is that even a word) aka rhyming just like Dr. Seuss does.

After a few drafts here is our final result. Feel free to use it for your own ward Christmas party if you do desire! Just leave a comment or note saying you are using it and how the ward liked it.


After we have the party I will be sure to post pictures and report how the ward liked it!

Thank You

After one year of blogging the Fancy Free Mama is going to take a break and focus on being a full time Mommy and Wife. Thank you to all my readers. I wish you all a life full of love, laughter, and great deals!

If you are still interested in deal blogs I will refer you to my favorite blog CouponingToDisney.com. Kristen is such a great blogger and her deals are pretty awesome.

For those of you in Utah who want local deals try Freebies2Deals.com.

Thanks again!

Miss me?

Well obviously a lot has been happening over at the Fancy home (and at K-Bull 93)! Fancy Baby needed some extra love and care as we went through some medical tests. Fancy Baby is getting better but it will still be a long and bumpy (and sleep deprived) road.

Also we are trying to decide what direction to take the blog and what the blog really should be about. If you could help me out by Commenting here to let me know the following I would really appreciate it:

1. What kind of deals and posts did you like seeing most?

2. Would you rather the blog be more about deals, craft ideas, parenting advice, giveaways and contests, K-Bull 93 promotions and information, or ——— fill in the blank?

3. Any other comments regarding the future of Fancy Free Mama.

Thanks for your help!

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